EX.084 Sasse

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    6 Apr 2012
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  • One of Finland's finest house and techno exports.
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  • Klas Lindblad is one of Finland's most celebrated house and techno exports. Recording under a variety of names, but perhaps most well-known as Sasse, Lindblad found electronic music in Turku—home to electronic pioneers Pansonic, among others. Lindblad fell deeply in love with Chicago house, and it is from that classics-inclined viewpoint that his label Moodmusic has always worked. He eventually moved to Frankfurt, taking up a residency at Robert-Johnson in the club's first years—and soaking up inspiration from the fertile late '90s scene that centered around Playhouse Records and Neuton distribution. Like many, he has ended up in Berlin, where he now shares a studio space with Ewan Pearson and Martin Dawson. Moodmusic is still going strong—now comfortably past 100 releases—and so is Lindblad himself, which is why we decided to check in with the remarkably consistent DJ/producer for a chat about the three cities that have been so important to his career.
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