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    22 Apr 2021
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  • Andrew Mensah speaks to the CDR founder about navigating ego as an artist, community entrepreneurship and what's next for the platform.
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  • For nearly twenty years, Tony Nwachukwu has been incubating emerging artists with his CDR initiative. Standing for Create, Define, Release, CDR offers producers the opportunity to play their unfinished productions on a club sound system, providing the crucial knowledge of hearing their ideas in context and in front of a audience of their peers. Nwachukwu has seen a generation of developing artists pass through the program, who he's helped guide with experiences gleaned from his time in Attica Blues, decades of music production experience and years of lecturing, consulting and educating. This instalment of RA's ongoing partnership with Black Minds Matter sees Nwachukwu speak with Andrew Mensah, a DJ and journalist with an inside perspective of CDR thanks to his work as its content and brand manager. We hear how the CDR community grew over the years, the importance of independence and the potential of record labels in shaping the mental health of their artists. You can also read a transcription of this week's Exchange.
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      Shy One - Badger Emmavie - Deluxe (interlude) [Fresh Selects]