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    29 Oct 2010
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  • O Canada. RA talks Toronto with New Kanada's guiding light.
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  • Few might term it a hotspot of electronic music production, but music from Canada has had an outsized influence on house and techno over the past decade. From Dumb Unit to Wagon Repair, you can trace some of the genre's finest moments to its environs. Among those responsible for such moments is Adam Marshall. The New Kanada and Killer boss grew up in Toronto, influenced by sounds from Detroit, Chicago and New York, and has mixed it all together to create an aesthetic that somehow seems uniquely his own. That's largely down to a drive that has seen him use his own imprints largely as his vehicle for his own productions, eschewing the collab-friendly outlooks of fellow Canadians Jeremy P. Caulfield, Mike Shannon and Mathew Jonson. That has changed in the past few years as Marshall has become more and more overtly open-minded, leading to support from some unlikely places—namely the UK bass community. What they hear in Marshall's music, though, is what he's pushed from the start: Raw, analog music that revels in the possibility that mistakes are very much the goal. (Not the enemy.) RA's Todd L. Burns talked with Marshall about all of this and more earlier this month as he prepares for his upcoming performance at RA's Xmas bash in London. Photo credit: Michael Milosh
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      Adam Marshall - Vespers - New Kanada Son Volt - Ten Second News - Warner Bros The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of the Ultraworld (Live Mix Mk 10) – WAU! / Mr. Modo Primal Scream - Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts) - Creation Plastikman - Plasticine - Plus 8 Sound Patrol - Tripping Among the Stars (A Necessary Journey) - Organico Traxx & Josh Werner & Steve Hitchell - Preludes and Nocturnes - Unreleased Adam Marshall - Magnum - Cynosure Girl Unit - Shade On - Night Slugs Adam Marshall - Evil Jungle Prince - New Kanada Seuil - Nine Clouds - New Kanada Adam Marshall - North at Night - Cynosure Adam Marshall - The Owls Won't See Us - Simple Jeremy P. Caulfield - Hush - Dumb Unit Adam Marshall - Burn It Down - New Kanada