EX.456 Laraaji

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    30 Apr 2019
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  • The man in orange shares his spiritual journey through sound.
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  • With interest in deep listening and new age ambient on the rise, Laraaji has reemerged as one of the preeminent artists connecting music and spirituality. With his orange clothing and beatific poise, the man born Edward Larry Gordon is the genuine article when it comes to transforming consciousness through sound. As a young man, he had a sonic-spiritual epiphany where the sound of a "full blown brass orchestra" exploded in his mind, revealing the unity of all things in the universe. Following studies in composition and a stint working as a comedian in New York, he began performing droning modal pieces around the city's parks and streets, setting up shop wherever his intuition told him to play that day. On one such occasion in Washington State Park, Brian Eno left him a note asking to collaborate, leading to the seminal Ambient 3 (Day Of Radiance) and officially kicking off Laraaji's long recording career. In this live conversation recorded at Bleep's East London pop-up store, Martha Pazienti Caidan hears about Laraaji's laughter meditation workshops, the composition techniques driving his music and habits for staying sensitive to the fertile realm linking sound and spirituality. The RA Exchange is also available on Spotify.
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      Laraaji - All Pervading Laraaji - Bethlehem