EX.432 New York Nightlife In The '90s

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    15 Nov 2018
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  • Exploring a golden era live from RA's 24/7 party.
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  • This past July, Resident Advisor's 24/7 party series touched down in New York City. In addition to a day's worth of DJ sets from New Yorkers new and old held at Ridgewood club Nowadays, local fanzine Love Injection was tasked with presenting panel discussions covering five decades of New York dance music history. For this week's Exchange, we're hearing about the '90s, an era when mega clubs in Manhattan saw thousands of revellers passing through their doors each weekend. From Limelight to Sound Factory, Twilo, Palladium and countless others, New York clubbing was hitting its stride, while producers like Joey Beltram, Frankie Bones, Todd Terry and Damon Wild were producing game-changing 12-inches around the Five Boroughs. But it was also the beginning of a decline, catalysed especially by the rollout of Mayor Rudy Giuliani's discriminatory policies that slowly gutted the club scene and the communities that called it home. Representing the golden decade of clubbing in New York, Love Injection rounded up Strictly Rhythm cofounder Gladys Pizarro, hardcore techno icon Lenny Dee and drag superstar Kevin Aviance, who's also the voice of hits "Cunty" and "Din Daa Daa." RA staff writer Max Pearl led them through the rise and fall of the city's legendary nightlife, from the halcyon days to the decay of the Guiliani era.
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      Kevin Aviance - Cunty Masters At Work - The Buff Dance