EX.043 Underworld

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    24 Jun 2011
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  • Karl Hyde on Underworld's beginnings, sobriety and why the group will never break up.
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  • There's not much to be said about Underworld. As one of the most popular electronic acts of all time, the group has been covered every which way from the media over the years. Nonetheless, their story is one worth telling: Band sells out, band starts making the music they love, band finds success, band has heavy drinking member, heavy drinking member sobers up, band is better than ever. It's simple really. But as RA's Saoirse Ryan found when she interviewed Karl Hyde earlier this month in advance of the group's performance at South West Four in London, it's been anything but simple for Underworld.
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      Underworld - Born Slippy – Junior Boy’s Own Dennis Bovell - Zombie Zones – Pressure Sounds Prince – Head – Disco Juice Records Tangerine Dream – Phaedra – Virgin International Heaven 17 - Geisha Boys and Temple Girls - Virgin Underworld - The Hump (Groove Without A Doubt) – Tomato Records Adam F – Metropolis - Metalheadz Underworld - Mmm Skyscraper I Love You – Boy’s Own Recordings Underworld – Jumbo – Junior Boy’s Own Underworld - Shudder - King of Snake – Junior Boy’s Own Underworld - Two Months Off – Junior Boy’s Own Underworld – Rez – Junior Boy’s Own Gabriel Yared & Underworld - Counterpoint Hang Pulse – V2 Records Underworld – Scribble – Underworldlive.com Underworld - Dirty Epic – Junior Boy’s Own