EX.312 The Hour: Al Capone, cassettes, RA roundtable

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    27 Jul 2016
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  • We continue our new podcast, a blend of documentaries, discussion and interviews.
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  • The Hour is a new podcast from Resident Advisor. Each month, we'll be bringing you an hour of documentaries, discussion, interviews and other things besides. The Hour will run as part of the weekly Exchange, although unlike its sister podcast it won't have a set format—instead, it'll be a constantly shifting blend of features that'll simply reflect what's exciting us each month. For the third episode of The Hour, Aaron Coultate presents a moving tribute to DJ Al Capone, a much-loved character at the Honest Jon's record shop in West London who recently passed away. [00:09:14] Matt McDermott finds out who and what is driving the recent cassette resurgence, meeting some of the format's key proponents in Los Angeles. [00:32:21] RA's editorial staff tell us about their favourite release of the year so far. [00:49:34] And five people from across dance music tell us their song of the summer. [00:01:15] Producer / Martha Pazienti Caidan Photo credit / Brion Paul Special thanks to / Zane Reynolds
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      2814 - Transfer​ence [Dream Catalogue] ANOHNI - Watc​h Me [Secretly Canadian / Rough Trade] Byron The Aquarius - ​Byron's Vo​yage [Sound Signature] Didier Sinclair - Lovel​y Flight [Eukahouse] Midland - ​Final​ Credits [ReGraded]​ Jeffree - M​r. Fix-It [MCA Records] Natalie Cole - I Wanna Be Tha​t Woman [EMI] Gregory Isaacs - ​Rock Away [Horse] Mr Finge​rs - Aether [Alleviated Records] Jay W McGee - Your Love [Love I Productions] Dennis Brown​ - ​Revolution [Taxi] Black Ice - Bli​nd Over You [HDM Records] Letta Mbu​lu ­ ​Nomalizo [Columbia] Curtis Mayfiel​d - So In Love [Curtom] Bulkhe​ad - Woodbine [Far Away Tapes] Mind Fair - Do​wntown Nubian [Golf Channel] J​oakim - Boipeba [Mareh Music] ​Ale ­ ​The One [Far Away Tapes] Kaitlyn Aureli​a Smith - Envelop [Western Vinyl] Ka​no - Garage Skank [Parlophone] Ka​no - ​This Is England [Parlophone] Denge De​nge Denge ­​- Murdah [Enchufada] ​Sotofett - Current 82 (12 Mix) [Keys Of Life]