EX.276 Recondite

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    12 Nov 2015
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  • Inside the mind of a contemplative techno artist.
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  • For Lorenz Brunner, music is a way of escaping the physical realm. As a former personal trainer who remains acutely health-conscious, he is more physically oriented than your average techno artist, which makes him ever more drawn to the shapeless world of thoughts and feelings. To hear a Recondite record is to peer into Brunner's soul: every crisp drum sound, every silky pad, every somber acid line reflects something lurking in his subconscious, something he'd struggle to express any other way. This is what makes his music so entrancing: from his techno singles on Dystopian to his albums on Acid Test, Innervisions and Ghostly International, his productions glow with a sincerity that's all too rare in dance music. This comes across onstage as well—his live act, a laptop job that's as simple as it is dynamic, earned him the #1 spot in our 2014 year-end poll. Will Lynch caught up with him at his sunny Berlin flat to talk about his live act, his creative process and his new album, Placid.
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      Recondite - Nifty Recondite - Compel