EX.212 John Morales

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    14 Aug 2014
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  • The remix great splices together his decades in music.
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  • We take remixes for granted these days, but in the '70s, a handful of DJs and engineers were literally putting the form together with their own hands. The Bronx-born DJ John Morales was one of these early splicers, making extended edits and medleys at a time when he found most tracks too short to work well in his sets. Cutting his teeth at Bob Blank's Blank Tapes studio and gaining fans like disco über-producer Patrick Adams, Morales embedded himself in New York's music world, and as the '70s rolled into the '80s, Morales grew ever more in-demand for his eminently club-ready tweaks of everyone from Hall & Oates to The Rolling Stones. Along with his partner Sergio Munzibai, he established one of the top remix brands of the era: the M&M mix. Morales spent some time out of the game over the last few decades, but in 2009, BBE released the first of three compilations of M&M mixes, which turned the spotlight back on his considerable contribution to dance music. Around the release of a new Motown-focused collection of M&M retouches, Stephen Titmus sat down with Morales at our office in London.
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      Universal Robot Band - Barely Breaking Even (Club Version) Marvin Gaye - I Want You (John Morales Extended Mix)