EX.211 Adam Beyer

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    7 Aug 2014
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  • We hear about the humble approach driving a DJing heavyweight.
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  • Adam Beyer has become one of the world's biggest DJs through a simple philosophy: he champions straightforward, DJ-orientated club music. It's an approach that has its roots in the earliest days of the Swedish techno scene, where Beyer cut his teeth playing raves in Stockholm and working at the Planet Rhythm record shop. When it came to making his own music, Beyer channelled his experience as a drummer into a hard-hitting, groove-orientated sound that can be traced right through to his latest releases. This aesthetic has been mirrored in Drumcode, a label and crew he's overseen for almost 20 years now. Under the Drumcode banner, Beyer has put on parties around the world and spread his message through a radio show that goes out globally across 40 stations. Despite the apparent simplicity of this message, Beyer says there have always been misconceptions about what he does and where he's heading, which is where we started our recent conversation.
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      Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg - You Know Adam Beyer - Drum Code 1