EX.014 Florian Schirmacher

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    7 Jan 2011
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  • One of electronic music's busiest vocalists speaks.
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  • You may not know Florian Schirmacher's name, but if you've listened to house music from Germany in the past decade, you've likely heard his voice. Even within a genre known for hyper-prolific artists, Schirmacher's CV is exhausting. Wareika, Hatikvah, Federleicht, Here Today, Prime Origin and Glowing Glisses are just a few of the projects that Schirmacher has contributed his talents to. But you likely heard him first as the voice on Pantytec's "Elastolabe" single. Yes. That's his disembodied croon adding a dose of soul to the proceedings. A former theology student, his lyrics often touch on the spiritual, and that's where RA's Todd L. Burns began his discussion with the vocalist. In little under an hour, they moved on to talk about Schirmacher's DJing and production, his time spent teaching yoga in a prison and much more.
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      Federleicht - On the Streets (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Core Mix) - Connaisseur Recordings Wareika - Smiles - liebe*detail Pantytec - Elastobabe (Crackhouse Dub) - Perlon Glowing Glisses - Shaked Ladies - Poker Flat Recordings Wareika - Belonging - Eskimo Recordings Mood II Swing - Move Me Dub - Earth, Moon & Sun Federleicht - Rosa Lee - FormResonance Wareika - Burnin' - Tartelet Records Wareika - King's Child - Motivbank Wareika - Harmonie Park, Pt. 7 - Perlon Hatikvah - Synchronicity - Soma Here Today - Modernist - Philpot Sugar Minott - Please Be True - Soul Jazz Family - Part of the Load - Reprise Records Prime Origin - Somehow - FormResonance Hatikvah - Big Mind - Soma