EX.139 Elbee Bad

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    15 Mar 2013
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  • The prince of dance music tells his story.
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  • Elbee Bad became the latest subject of Rush Hour's ongoing re-release series late last year, and out of all the producers they've covered so far, this one felt the most necessary. Lamont Booker was a respected and prolific figure on New York's house scene in the late '80s and early '90s, but his name was never written into the history books in the prominent place he perhaps deserved. Booker made an unplanned move to Berlin at the start of the '90s after being invited to the city by the guys behind Hard Wax. He recorded with Basic Channel in their formative years although apparently only one of the tracks from those sessions ever saw the light of day. Booker has remained active in Berlin until this day, and it was there last month that we discussed early New York club culture, his work in radio and his recent return to the limelight.
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