EX.121 Peter Kirn

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    9 Nov 2012
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  • One of the most important music tech bloggers tells his story.
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  • There are plenty of places online to pore over the latest studio gear. But few sites look at the big picture quite like Create Digital Music, a compendium not just of music technology news but also of the questions these developments pose to electronic music-making at large. Peter Kirn, a trained pianist and composer who released a full-length called End of Train Device last year, started the blog eight years ago as a companion to a primer on digital audio he had published. As Kirn explains, the popularity of the blog quickly outpaced the book. And with the proliferation of Ableton, touchscreen devices and audiovisual performance, he's found plenty to write about. RA's Jordan Rothlein recently spoke to Kirn about all that Create Digital Music has watched unfold and where music technology might be headed in the years to come.
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