Shelter; rush hour ADE with Chez Damier, Antal, Soichi Terada, Tom Trago (Sold Out)

  • thursday 19/10 Shelter; Rush Hour ADE presale: €25 SOLD OUT doorsale: €25 presale for this event is SOLD OUT. there will be doorsale throughout the night. House rules: - We are an inclusive club, everybody is welcome to join the celebration. There are a couple of ground rules, however, that are to be followed by everyone. Discriminative behaviour, sexual harassment or other disrespectful behaviour or attitudes towards our visitors or personnel will be dealt with accordingly. Every visitor is expected to consider and present him/herself as a valuable addition to the night and vibe - never a disturbance. Check where you’ll find all the information you need to know. - If you see any of the above happening inside Shelter’s premises, please inform staff or security, they are there to help you at all times. Other info: - Photography without flash is allowed, as long as you're not invading the privacy or vibe of fellow visitors / artists. - Enjoy and celebrate safe - know your limits. - There are lockers inside the venue. Cost = 2EUR. We highly recommend to share your locker. Don't forget to bring change. - Food/snacks will be readily available during the night. - We sell earplugs inside the club. - Weed/hasj is allowed in bags, pre-rolled joints are not. - You can get free tap water from the toilet area. - The ferry behind Central Station to Buiksloterweg runs on a 24h a day schedule. This ADE, Shelter celebrates its one year anniversary. We can’t wait to turn this into something special with all of you. See you on the dance floor;
  • Shelter; rush hour ADE with Chez Damier, Antal, Soichi Terada, Tom Trago (Sold Out) - Flyer front