• Venue
    • Festae Omotesando Building B1F, 3-18-19 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
  • Date
    Sat, 2 Sep 2017
    23:00 - 05:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 25
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    =ROOM1= Shlømo (Taapion Records) DJ Sodeyama - DJ/Producer (трип) So (Mindgames: The Labyrinth / TRI-BUTE) KAMA x FUMI Sound Styling:KOHJI FUJITA (HIRANYA ACCESS co., ltd.) Lighting:YUKIKO KURODA =ROOM2= SINZIN (AXION) Sho Yamaguchi × pachi a.k.a DJ inoU (AXION) MUMEI × K-GO (AXION) LowTechCircus (CHANNEL / Diet Coke)
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  • 【 パリの夜を変えた名門クラブConcreteのレジデント、フレンチテクノシーンの重要人物 "Shlømo”を迎え、国内外での存在感が増すDJ SODEYAMAとSOの二人が東京の夜に新たな刺激を吹き込む 】 世界No.1女性DJとの呼び声が高い NINA KRAVIZが主宰するレーベル трип 唯一の日本人アーティストとして海外からのオファーが絶えないDJ SODEYAMAがVENTをベースに新たなパーティを仕掛ける。 ゲストに迎えるのはパリ出身、フレンチテクノシーンの重要人物で、Delsin, Singular Records, Arts Collectiveそして自身のレーベルTaapion Recordsよりリリースを重ねるShaun Baron-CarvaisのプロジェクトShlømoが登場。 注目を集めるパリのクラブ”Concrete”でのレジデントやベルリンの”Berghain”, トビリシの”Bassiani”, ロシアの”Gamma”など著名クラブやフェスティバルへの出演など忙しい日々を送っている。さらに世界にその名を知られる国内屈指の野外フェスティバル”THE LABYRINTH”のレジデント兼オーガナイザーSOの出演も決定。各国の主要クラブ/フェスティバルで活躍する個性派が揃い、クールでディープな夜を構築する。 VENT is pleased to present Shlømo - a huge deal in the French Techno scene amd resident of the club that changed Paris' nightlife, Concrete. Keeping the international/domestic balance, we'll have DJ Sodeyama and SO pairing up to inject some fresh stimulation into the Tokyo night! Sodeyama - who is getting offers to play overseas left and right - is making VENT his base of operations to kick off a new party. Our special guest for this event is Shlømo - project of Shaun Baron-Carvais - hailing from Paris, he is an important figure in the French Techno scene. He's released numerous works on labels such as Singular Records, Arts Collective, and is proprietor of his own label, Taapion Records. Not only is he resident at the renowned Paris club Concrete, but he's been busy performing at top clubs all over, including Berghain, Bassiani in Tsblisi and Gamma in Russia - not to mention various festivals. Additionally, we've locked in SO - resident and organizer of one of Japan's top outdoor music festivals, The Labyrinth. Gear up for an cool and deep night with an assortment of unique artists who are active in the club/fesitval scene.
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