Animal Farm Festival

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    ▸ aem.aze [defaultbox] ▸ Aglaia [Springstoff] ▸ Aki [Animal Farm] ▸ Burnhard [Rummel I Schiffbruch] ▸ Bernstein *Live [Arche Musik I Amselcom] ▸ Betreutesträumen *Live [langstangsam] ▸ Bonnie Ford [Rummel] ▸ Carli [Animal Farm] ▸ Carlo Capello [Schwelgerei] ▸ C0nne [Seasidetrip] ▸ Cornelis [Dr. Seltsam] ▸ David José & Christian Manuel [Zwischenmiete I Klickklackklub] ▸ David Keno [Katermukke I Keno Records] ▸ Don Lockwood [Animal Farm] ▸ Elo [Live-Rap] ▸ Franca [Feines Tier I W.I.R Schwestern] ▸ Frau Kaufmann [Berlin] ▸ Hans B. [Dazed State] ▸ Jackie Houser-Brown [W.I.R Schwestern] ▸ Jay Amba& Martin Ka [Zwischenmiete] ▸ Just Emma [underyourskin] ▸ Kleintierschaukel *Live [Laut & Luise] ▸ Landhouse &Raddantze [Seasidetrip I Serafin Audio] ▸ Lasha Chapel *Live [Tbilisi] ▸ Laura Weider *Live [Kater Blau | Wilde Agency] ▸ Manel Cluny [Animal Farm I Dazed State] ▸ Marc Poppcke [Crossfrontier Audio] ▸ Martin Anacker [tanz+klangkombinat] ▸ Marvin Hey [Sisyphos] ▸ Miguel Rodriguez & Doyle Shepherd & Steven Strahl [Golden Times] ▸ Moji Tali [Rebellion der Träumer I Akasha] ▸ Mr.Pinc [Live-Rap] ▸ Niemand & Keiner [Rummel I Animal Farm I tanz + klangkombinat] ▸ NigNäg& Häng Mag [Zwischenmiete] ▸ Nils Twachtmann [Crossfrontier Audio, Bar 25] ▸ nordin [Berlin] ▸ Oliver Klostermann [Live Set] ▸ Raphael Hofman [Jeudi Records I Save Room I Wuza] ▸ Rolandson [Seasidetrip | Rituel Recording | Slowereastside | Drossel] ▸ rusky [Animal Farm I Dazed State] ▸ saar:erer [Animal Farm I THC Franziskaner] ▸ Sauerkraut [vierentwintiguurcultuur] ▸ Schlepp Geist *Live [URSL I Katermukke I OSMUND AUDIO] ▸ Stas Kolbass [Mehr tanzen!] ▸ Sokool [KaterMukke I Heinz Music I OFF Recordings] ▸ Steffen Kirchhof *Live [Ki Records I Serafin] ▸ VRUNO *Live [Nomade]
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  • Far from the reaches of the cities’ noise, the darkness of clubs and the anonymity of mega-festivals we want to invite our friends a second time to a small, cozy and intimate festival experience. We will spend a weekend dancing, frolicking and watching the spectacle of 700 like-minds coming together for the Animal Farm unfold. We found a beautiful, abandoned farm a good hour‘s drive south of Berlin, near Cottbus, which will serve as a backdrop for our weekend. The exact location will be announced shortly before, as we want to keep the atmosphere intimate and not grow too large. We will camp together on the secluded festival area, from where we can take a dip in the nearby lake. A lineup of 60 DJs and live-acts on two dancefloors will move our bones, while we can fuel up on cool drinks and tasty food at the bar and kitchen. The rest is up to you!
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