Guru 2 Years & Rooftop Terrace with Matador & SHADED

  • June 23 will be a particularly significant date: this night we are presenting a joint event of two promotional teams - ROOFTOP TRIBE & GURU Moscow, the last two years will be celebrated on the same night. For this, the best forces of both promo teams will be exhibited in addition to two headliners - bright experimenters, creators of a new techno sound of the XXI century - Irish Matador and American SHADED (both with live, among other things). On the main dance floor Matador will be supported by: the founder of the young promising label GURU Moscow - Michael Gur - with his residents - Sergey Popow and Nonikoff and the resident of Kinеtika - POLA! On the terrace, SHADED will perform with the strongest support of the gold composition of the World's ROOF - DR.SPY.DER and DJ FISH! АДРЕС: Болотная набережная, д. 11, стр. 1 INSTAGRAM: @bessonnizamoscow INFO/RESERVE: +7 985 244 8333 +7 495 640 0353
  • Guru 2 Years & Rooftop Terrace with Matador & SHADED - Flyer front