Off Week Sonar

  • Off Sonar Week At Gauss is on this friday 16 with Djs from different countries are mix this night in the spectacular Gauss Club. The party will be held at the newly founded club Gauss. The club’s name pays homage to the German scientist known for his studies on magnetism and puts Gauss forward as a strong attraction for Barcelona’s diverse audience, thanks to its music program and meticulous attention to sound. The club sports in fact a brand new Funktion-One system, a byword for impressive sound. The club: Gauss is a vibrant and refined concept of cultural entertainment; a multidisciplinary space, a laboratory of creative ideas, a gallery of contemporary audiovisual art; a place where leisure, art and good taste converge. Located just steps from the imposing Arc de Triomf, at the legendary number 22 on Bailén Street, this savagely elegant venue evokes the golden age of American jazz clubs with touches of film noir in its atmosphere. The artistic concerns of this new direction are a statement of intent to offer the city an excellent program that will combine live music, monologues and performances. The space is renovated with the latest technology and high versatility equipment to organize all kinds of events.
  • Off Week Sonar - Flyer front