CYK Feat. Hodini

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    B1 FLOOR: Hodini (MONEY $EX RECORDS/AVA./Wolf Music) from Köln Sauce81 (Live Set) CYK crew (Nari, KOTSU, Naoki Takebayashi, DJ No Guarantee) 1F LOUNGE FLOOR: Souta Raw (茶澤音學館) Yukio (Yellow Card) Johan Travolta 塩尻寄生 (Log-out)
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  • 都内を中心に活動するハウス・ミュージック・コレクティブ・CYK 今回のゲストは2015年ベルリンの<MONEY $EX RECORDS>よりリリースしたEPにてソロデビューした初来日のDJ/プロデューサーHodiniをケルンより、そして国内からリリース/ライヴともに活躍目覚ましいSauce81を迎える。 CYK is a Tokyo based young and fresh house music collective. With “house” being their core element, they explore what dance music/parties ought to be. The upcoming 4th CYK party will be held at Circus Tokyo welcoming Hodini, a DJ/producer from Cologne, Germany as the guest. Hodini first came to public attention in 2015, with the release of his solo debut EP from <MONEY $EX RECORDS> and his involvement in the compilation by <Box Aus Holz>. His productions, (involving big names such as Moodymann, MCDE, and Pepe Bradock,) has such uniqueness that undoubtedly draws the line between him and many other daily produced house. Him, along with his label mates create evolutionary house music. This will be his first time in Japan and it is expected that his DJ set will be filled with respect and solid house music. It’s something you would not want to miss. Sauce81 is a Japanese guest who represents Japan’s machine soul. Along with the release of the funky anthem “Dance Tonight” from <Eglo Records> this year, he performed a session with Soichi Terada and Kuniyuki, and as 77Karat Gold, a unit with Grooveman Spot at Rainbow Disco Club 2017. Today, he draws increasing attention in and out of the country. Sauce81’s live set that keeps evolving through various expressions, is something that makes the audience fired up with excitement. ///About CYK/// It was a natural thing that CYK came to be — when some of Tokyo's house freaks came together to throw their own party. Not only a platform for showcasing international guests, CYK is also a collective of DJs, organizers, promoters, and producers. We don't propose any lofty aims as a crew — we simply love to keep representing proper grooviness and to draw partygoers into exciting and immersive dance spaces. ATTENTION : 入場の際に写真付身分証明書の提示をお願い致します。22時以降のイベントに関しましては、18歳未満の方のご入場はお断りさせて頂きます。 ■CIRCUS Tokyo 3-26-16, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Japan +81-(0)3-6419-7520
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