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  • "The Placebo Effect" This Thursday May 21st I have flown in my absolute favorite Techno Producer EVER from London. PERC Ali Wells will honor us with a very Special Live Set! (Perc Trax, Drumcode, Kompakt, CLR, Ovum) "Perc is my absolute favorite techno producer ever period; When I plan on MELTING FACES OFF I pull out Perc’s music then it simply kills it.” MontsDe Perc is the owner and operator of the established techno music label called Perc Trax. Perc Trax is one of the hottest techno labels in the world, sitting up there with Drum Code, Easy Access, and CLR; Perc has also been signed to all the above labels too. Perc is the cream of the techno crop in a worldly way… You don’t want to miss this! Ali’s range of supporters is more diverse than many other producers. His releases got glowing reactions from Deep Dish, Paul Oakenfold, Anthony Pappa, Dave Seaman, King Unique, X-press 2, Moshic, Chris Fortier, Hybrid, John ‘00’ Fleming, DJ Chus, Marco V, Tom Stephan, Bill Hamel, Max Graham, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Chris Liebing, Misc, Slam, John Digweed, Green Velvet, Erol Alkan, Steve Lawler ,Saeed & Palash, amongst many others. The list of labels he has graced continues to grow and now includes Perc Trax (his own label), Drumcode, Kompakt, Ovum, CLR, Choo-Choo, BXR, Lost Souls, Flying Cabbage, Cubism , Kickin Records, Premier Sounds, 19Box Japan, Limbo, Midset, Source Of Gravity and many more. As a DJ, Perc has a reputation of kick-starting dance floors, building up tension with his unique take on house and techno and melting faces off. Perc's History In the beginning Ali completing 5 years of music business and music production training in Manchester and Newcastle (UK), Alistair spent a brief time at the now legendary Platipus Records cutting his teeth. The next stop was to UK heavyweights, Prime Distribution, where he quickly rose to label manager for their 6 in-house labels including the globally recognized techno of Primate and Primevil labels and the progressive/tribal Premier Sounds imprint. Ali’s unmistakable percussion led sound was originally championed by James Holden who signed him to his own ‘Easy Access’ label in 2001 and since his early releases and remixes on Easy Access his music has found favored with dj’s, producers and clubbers across the globe. At the beginning of 2003 Ali produced a run of remixes that reflected his growing profile with him earning the honor of remixing one of the tracks from the long-awaited Mara album on Choo-Choo and receiving remix requests from as far away as 19Box Records in Japan. Later in 2003 he released ‘Life/Big Blue’ on Mara’s Choo-Choo Records and started to put plans in place for his own Perc-Trax imprint. 2007 and 2008 was a very serious time for this techno talent and Perc Trax label boss. His release of "Serious Moonlight E.P" on Chris Liebing’s CLR label and a single ‘Work Harder’ on his own Perc Trax label lead to two more notches on his well worn belt. Key to Perc’s recent success was the release of ‘Up’ on Kompakt in summer 2007. With its unmistakable relentless rising tone ‘Up’ lodged itself in record boxes including those of Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Chris Liebing, Misc, Slam, John Digweed, Green Velvet, Erol Alkan and Steve Lawler and refused to move. Perc’s 2nd Kompakt release ‘Headphone Heart’ showed his versatility, mixing industrial-strength percussion with a haunting flute melody, a combination that on paper should never work, but somehow Ali pulled it off with style. To cement his techno credentials, Ali’s Sticklebrick EP on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label made him the first non-Swedish artist to release on the label in 7 years and showed that he could produce to a standard equal to the world’s best. With gigs in Asia and across Europe already in his diary, 2008 was undoubtedly a great year for this guy. This success has made Perc a very much in-demand remixer and over the past few years Ali has been commissioned to remix a host of world-class names including Trentemoller, James Holden, DJ Hell, Misc, Phil Kieran, DJ Yellow, Blood & Tears, Jeff Bennett, Gary Beck and many more. His most notorious re-rubs include his driving take on Holden's own 'First Light' and his reworking of DJ Hell's 'Buttersaure' that had the cream of Europe's techno scene salivating. As Perc’s profile grows his booking schedule has become busier and Ali’s touring has covered all of Europe plus a tour of South Africa and 3 tours of Japan. Ali made his US debut in New York in late 2007 and is making his Portland, OR début on this date…. Personal high points for Ali are a back-to-back set with Oliver Ho in Tokyo, playing in the Drumcode Arena at Dance Valley 2008 and playing on the same bill as Richie Hawtin and Speedy J at this years Queen’s Day party at Melkweg, Amsterdam. Milkplant (From 0 to1) Seattle Milkplant is Justin Pennell of Seattle WA, From 0-1 label founder and director. In a post 9/11 nation enveloped in senseless fear, propaganda, and ego driven dogmatics, Justin seeks to use From 0-1 as a artistic platform to instill a greater sense of purpose and meaning in an increasingly stagnant and rotting national and world culture. Employing esoteric concepts and alchemic themes throughout his music, production techniques, and via the label platform; Justin seeks to merge the meaningless with the meaningful, the selfish with the selfless, the positive with the negative, the black with the white, the human with the machine, the zero with the one- all manifestations of the great eternal balance. His belief is that when a delicate balance is struck between dualistic concepts a greater reality emerges, illuminating a more meaningful direction in life. Digital culture has both connected and isolated humans simultaneously giving rise to more confusion and fear than confidence and knowing. He seeks to use this digital medium to merge these opposites and to strike a more refined balance, yielding a better understanding of our future while being keenly aware of our past. From 0-1 is a means to personal discovery urging the participant on to further understand one's relationship with our surrounding environment. Justin seeks to offer this platform to allow the participant to find within, the great mystery of existence necessary for all to eventually seek as an evolutionary milestone for further understanding of the universe and our ultimate role within. VS. Sone (From 0 to 1) Seattle Brian's first foray into music was drumming in various local punk-rock and ska bands growing up in Wisconsin. Consequently, he discovered electronic music, and after having Chris Liberator melt his mind late one August evening he recognized that it was to be his calling. After nine years of DJing techno in 2006, Brian relocated to Seattle and began producing music. His DJ sets push for the intense builds and disorientating breaks that are characteristic of techno, while maintaining the all-important element of danceability. The "Sone" moniker was born in 2008 as an outlet for production work, which ranges from ambient and dub to big room techno, the majority of his creations. Brian is also the co-owner of the From 0-1 studio and is the Logistics Manager for the budding label. Bryan Zentz (Plus 8 Records) MontsDe (dBz crew) Visuals by Revy (bleepsequence) Cover = $10 or $8 if you are there before 10PM, MontsDe will also have pre-sales so hit me up for the hook up...
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