Synthposium 2017

  • Adil Corell Otro Perfect Human Phayah Redeuce Valya Kan Vladislav Interesniy Vlad Dobrovolski Yu Expo — music tech interactive exhibition and showcase: Bastl Instruments — CZ Erica Synths — LV Gieskes — NL L-1 Synthesizer — BLR Synthstrom Audible — NZ Alex Nadzharov Alexey Taber All for DJ ASD — Analog Sound Devices Compositor Software Deckard's Dream DNGR:TECH Eternal Engine EMI Eugene Yakshin Evgeny Yakshin Ezhi&Aka Igor Varshavets Keen Association Moscow Leonid Vasilyev Logich Synth Service MDR.modular Motovilo Audio Lab Peter Kirn Pioneer DJ Playtronica Polivoks Popobawa Sound Pribore Electronics Roland SOMA Laboratory Sputnik Modular SSSR Labs Steampunk WSG synth Stone Voices Sur Modular Svarog Audio Synthfox Synthman SYNTHMECHANIC Uoki-Toki VG Line Zll Modular Zvukofor Sound Labs On Air — lectures, workshops, public talks, various educational events: Alex Pleninger Alexander Grigoriev (Pribore Electronics) Alexander Serechenko (Solo Operator) Andrey Orlov Andrey Smirnov Baseck Frank Muller aka Beroshima Biodred Danila Plee Dmitry Churikov Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::) Ekke Västrik Gijs Gieskes Gleb Glonti Ildar Yakubov London Modular Matthew Sweet Maxim Zaharchenko (Svarog Audio) Misha Alekseev Morphology Nick Zavriev (Ambidextrous) Oleg Makarov Opuswerk Peter Kirn Philipp Alexandrov aka Bad Zu Richard Devine Richard Fearless Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Roman Filippov Sergey Kasich SILA SVETA Stain Stanislav Charifoulline aka HMOT Taeji Sawai Tatsuya Takahashi Thomas P Heckmann Ulrich Schnauss Vadim Epstein Valentin Zvukofor Victorovich Vladimir Kuzmin Art — installations, a/v performances & experiments, objects: √1 Abram Rebrov Alexey Rudenko aka arhew0 Anastasya Alekhina Andrey Guryanov Ekaterina Danilova Formic Acid Ildar Yakubov Galina Leonova Grigoriev Misha Misak Samokatyan Noa Ivanova Pasha Seldemirov Stain Vahram Akimyan — ARM XYZ Synthposium is an annual Moscow-based festival exploring a new interdisciplinary culture formed at the junction of electronic music and technology. For the last three years, Synthposium has united and inspired professional producers and musicians, fans of analog and modular synthesizers, engineers and experts on musical instruments. 156 speakers and artists participated in the three previous editions of Synthposium, and their performances and workshops were attended by 7,000 people and supported by 20 big brands and leading Russian and European media outlets. The aftermath of the project has seen growing audience interest and the potential for the local market to become, in the near future, one of the most creative and fast-paced in the world. Today the festival reached beyond a narrowly specialized community and becomes a major urban event that will provide a unique interactive platform for demonstrating engineering thought, digital design, business projects and the results of creative inquiry across the different subject. In 2017 the extended four-day format for Synthposium will include an exhibition of achievements in music technology, and an educational program dedicated to lectures, public talks, and workshops led by international and local experts and engineers. A parallel awards ceremony will take place for the first time at Synthposium, awarding prizes to the best engineering, the best interface designs and concepts, and artists with the most technologically advanced live shows – all for the first time in Russia. The festival will also host interactive installations, public art, and audiovisual performances. An evening program will include three afterparties at popular clubbing venues in Moscow, with international artists and famous local musicians among the headliners.
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