Mnml Ssgs Party

  • 多彩な顔ぶれが交錯する良質で実験的な一夜 この度開催されるMnml Ssgs Partyではフレッシュなラインナップにフォーカスした。 ここ数年、数多くのメジャーなクラブやフェスティバルに出演し、2度目の来日となるAurora Halal。彼女のプレイスタイルはFACT誌にて”cosmically deep”と表現され、その審美眼により抜粋された楽曲で構成されるセットは要注目だ。一方でニューヨークから初来日となるAntennesは、数あるレコードレーベルの中でもとりわけ人気が高いL.I.E.S.からリリースし、自作のシンセサイザーを操ることでも知られている。彼女がこれまでリリースしてきたPodcast群は必聴の価値がある。そして同パーティの常連アクトであり、ヨーロッパツアーを終え帰国したSapphire Slowsがライブセットを披露。Electronic Explorations podcastシリーズにもミックスが取り上げられ、Studioフロア初登壇となる女性DJのホープLynneがオープニングを務める。 ContactフロアにはAya Groomyのライブを始め、Tentenko、Medical、Yuki Moriyama、Sayaka Kitada、Tacos on Acidと様々な要素を持ったフィーメールDJ達が出演する。 主催者は“多彩な顔ぶれが交錯し良質な音楽と実験性に期待してほしい”と語る。 For the first MNML SSGS party of 2017 we decided to focus on fresh faces. Our first headliner is Aurora Halal, who will be making her second appearance in Japan. She has become an in-demand performer over the last few years, DJing and playing live at major clubs and festivals. FACT describes her style as ‘cosmically deep’, with her DJ sets distinguished by careful selections on the trippier side of techno. Joining her will be another DJ from New York, Antenes, who will be making her Japanese debut. Her EP on L.I.E.S. EP was included in Juno and FACT’s best of 2015 lists, and she is also known for hand-building synthesizers. But the reason why we booked her is because of a series of killer techno podcasts she has released. Antenes is someone who clearly knows her techno. After spending February touring Europe, Sapphire Slows will be back in Tokyo to play live for us. Opening the Studio will be Lynne, who impressed us with her Electronic Explorations podcast last year. And in the Contact room, we have a diverse lineup with Tentenko, Medical, Yuki Moriyama, Sayaka Kitada, Tacos on Acid all DJing, and Aya Gloomy playing live. We are not interested in just booking the same people and playing the same sounds. For this party, we are focusing on interesting artists that match with the kind of techno MNML SSGS loves. As always, you can expect the right balance of fun and experimentation.
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