Shifted - Appropriation Stories Tour

  • Shiftedが新作「Appropriation Stories」を引っ提げ再来日! ドラム&ベース・ユニットCommixのメンバーとして、Goldie主宰のMetalheadzを中心に作品を発表していたGuy Brewer。プロジェクトの解散と同時に彼が始めたソロプロジェクトShiftedでは、Commixのイメージを払拭するかのように、重厚な低域による堅牢なグルーヴとダークなムードを兼ね備えた先進的なディープテクノを量産してきた。そんな彼のサードアルバム「Appropriation Stories」が話題を呼ぶ中、タイムリーな再来日が実現! Raster-notonきっての女性アーティストとして、実験的なビートと強烈なグルーヴのダンストラックで人気を集めるKyokaや、Future Terrorのレジデントとして正確無比のミックスと意識を激しくかき乱す選曲に定評があるHarukaも出演。ContactフロアにはベルリンのテクノレーベルRaw Imprintを主宰するFelix Fleerが登場。全方位からあらゆるテクノサウンドを網羅する一夜をお見逃しなく! Shifted returns to Japan with Appropriation Stories. Guy Brewer first established his name with an array of productions for Goldie’s Metalheadz as one of the Commix drum & bass duo. However, under his Shifted solo project, which began at the same time as the duo dissolved, the UK producer has dished out progressive takes on deep techno infused with dark atmospherics and heavy yet groovy sub-bass, leaning away from what is expected from the drum & bass formula and a certain image Commix created. This past autumn saw his creative operations with this newly-found approach culminate in Appropriation Stories, Shifted’s third full-length. In the exciting wake of the album, the now Berlin-based expat makes a timely return to Japan. He will be joined by Kyoka, a Raster-Noton affiliate who has proved herself with tracks that combine experimental percussion elements and heady groove. Future Terror resident Haruka will also step up with his great precision of DJing and disorientating selection, both of which have amassed an unswerving reputation. The Contact floor features Felix Fleer, a man behind Berlin-based techno label Raw Imprint. This is a must-see night that covers the full spectrum of experimental techno, seeking out uncharted territory.
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