Sankeystyo 'New Years Eve' Countdown To 2017

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    [BASEMENT] Tiger & Woods (T&W RECORDS | EDITAINMENT | from Italy) Kenji Takimi (Crue-L | Being Borings) Monkey Timers (DISKO KLUBB) DJ NOA (MVLS) [TAPROOM] TAAR MASAYASU (MYSS | ANDY) zaki (DECK THE HOUSE) DJ 色彩 Mr.Tikini (OSIRIS)
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  • ----------- Tiger & Woods, Keiji Takimi, Monkey Timers, who are leading a New Disco scene, are having New Year’s Eve at Sankeys TYO. A treat of Japanese sake will be served to celebrate the New Years Bash. The most enthusiastic and exciting countdown celebration of the year is coming which all the party people long for. Popular mask DJ duo Tiger & Woods, leading current Beatdown and New Disco scenes, kicks off Sankyes TYO for 2017. They released music on their independent label Editainment and one of the best labels Running Back headed by Gerd Janson, and famous worldwide DJs Harvey, Theo Parrish, Soul Clap were obsessed with the their skillful sounds with Disco, Soul and Balearic elements. With skillful cut-up techniques and superb sense for music, vivid and danceable sounds will without a doubt flow throughout... and as the night goes on the voltage of the dance floor will be through the roof. Also known as the Master of the Romantic, one of the greatest Japanese DJs Kenji Takimi. Looking at Tokyo's Disco dub scene from an objective perspective and pursuing his very own play style as well as creating music, the brightest hope of the new generation Monkey Timers. These artists will come together to make a collaboration. We want you all to be ready for the heat, the power of the moment when the energy of the audience comes together as one. A treat of Japanese sake will also be served to celebrate the New Years Bash. ----------- 『ニューディスコ・シーンを牽引している覆面ディスコ・デュオ Tiger & Woods、瀧見憲司、Monkey Timersが揃う大晦日。日本酒振る舞いサービス有り!』 フロアの熱狂と興奮が、1年でもっとも高まる瞬間。すべてのパーティピープルが待ち焦がれるカウントダウンの祝祭がやってくる。SankeysTYOの2017年の幕開けを高らかに告げるのは、現在のビートダウン~ニューディスコ・シーンを牽引する人気覆面DJデュオ、Tiger & Woodsだ。主宰レーベルEditainmentや、Gerd Janson率いる名門レーベルRunning Backからリリースし、ディスコ、ソウル、バレアリックサウンドを巧みに調理した彼らのサウンドは、DJ Harveyをはじめ、Theo Parrish、Soul Clapなど、世界のトップDJを虜にしてきた。巧みなカットアップと卓越したセンスが冴え渡る、色鮮やかでダンサブルなサウンドが、一夜を通してフロアのヴォルテージを最高潮に導いてくれることだろう。さらにマスター・オブ・ザ・ロマンティックと称される日本最高峰のDJの一人、Kenji Takimiと東京のディスコダブ・シーンを客観的に見据え、自分らしいプレイや音作りを探求し続ける新世代のブライテスト・ホープMonkey Timersが共演を果たす。すべてのオーディエンスのエネルギーが一体となって燃えあがる瞬間を楽しみにしてほしい。新春鏡開き日本酒振る舞いサービス有り。
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