fabric New Year's Eve party

  • Venue
    • 77a Charterhouse St; Clerkenwell; London EC1M 6HJ; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Sat, 31 Dec 200510pm - 10am
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  • The world is due to end in 2006. We’re not kidding, the conspiracy theorists are full throttle on this one. Nostradamus readers have been building up to it for years and David Icke’s been consulted. The day in question, 06/06/06, is being hailed as everything from the start of WW3, a big ol’ nuclear explosion, an asteroid hit or pacific death wave, to simply the birth of the Antichrist. And it’s the year of the dog, which doesn’t really sound as hopeful as the rooster or mischievous as the monkey. Our first urge was to make a dash for the duvet. But we’re British damn it and we aren’t afraid of a little hellfire and brimstone. In fact, they sound like fine conditions for a party. So rather than stay at home this NYE, we’d like you to join us for a proper celebration of the fantastic year that was 2005 and all the wonderful things to come in 2006. Joining residents Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Plump DJs, Ali B and Joe Ransom will be the wonderful house and techno talents of Geoffroy, Konrad Black and Gabriel Ananda, both playing live at the club for the first time. In room two there’s breaks from The Freestylers, Rennie Pilgrem and Atomic Hooligan, while three hosts hip hop from DJ Vadim, The Nextmen and DJ Blakey. And there’s not a comet, asteroid or grim reaper in site. Peace, love and very best wishes for the New Year (what there is of it), Fabric xx fabric new year’s eve saturday 31 December 2005 tickets: 0870 902 0001 or www.fabriclondon.com 9pm-9am £35
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