Marcel Fengler

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    Studio: Marcel Fengler (IMF | Mote Evolver | from Berlin) DJ Sodeyama (ARPA Records | трип) So (Mindgames | Labyrinth | Tribute) Contact: KABUTO (Daze Of Phaze | Lair) Ama & Genki (Yuk) Bow (Zundoko Disco) Yudai (Yankee Diner)
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  • 「多様性が陶酔を紡ぎだす日独テクノサミット」 Berghainの元レジデントMarcel Fenglerが1年ぶりの来日。彼のDJセットは、深く潜りこむベースラインと重厚なキックが支えるグルーヴ、その上に散りばめられた執拗なまでに鼓膜を掻きむしる電子音を特長とし、延々と続くような陶酔空間を生み出すことで数々のフロアを興奮の渦へと巻きこんできた。硬質なトラック一辺倒ではなく、包み込むような柔らかい展開を作るミックス構成により、広範なオーディエンスを虜にしてきたDJであるだけに、Studioフロアが誇る強力なサウンドシステムでのセットに期待が高まるばかりだ。The People In Fog名義でリリースした「Higher EP」がスマッシュヒットを記録中のDJ Sodeyamaと、The LabyrinthのレジデントであるSoという相性抜群の日本人勢とともに生み出す一夜の流れにも注目したいところ。Contactフロアでは自在の低域コントロールで定評のあるKabutoを筆頭に、Studioフロアとは一味異なる極上ハウスグルーヴが味わえる。 --- "Japan-German techno summit weaves euphoric threads into diverse patterns." Berghain resident Marcel Fengler makes the first return to Japan in a year. Bolstered by tunneling basslines and hefty kicks peppered with incessant ear-scratching electronics, his sets have created euphoric moments that throw numerous dance floors into a storm of excitement. Known as a DJ with a sonic arsenal that includes not only austere ammunition but cuddling tracks to make the flow more accessible to a wider audience. The Berliner has been among our most long-awaited figures to play on our Studio Floor’s powerful soundsystem. He is joined by DJ Sodeyama aka The People In Fog, who made a smash hit with this year’s "Higher EP", and The Labytinth resident So. The flow they are going to create with Fengler over the night also deserves attention. Kabuto will take the helm of the Contact Floor with his notorious bass-animating set, providing supreme house that marks a striking contrast to Studio Floor.
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