Nightflight with Soichi Terada

  • In Nightflight’s inexorable pursuit of filling that space between the functional and the accessible in music, they’ve called upon Soichi Terada to show us the way forward with his acclaimed live show. Ever since Rush Hour and Hunnee’s “Sounds of the Far East” introduced the western world to the sound of Soichi Terada, we’ve fallen in love with the charm and innocence of this Japanese artist and his music. He brings a beatific atmosphere to House music, one that plays in melodic expressions of 80’s synthesisers and drum machines that infect the listener at a primal level. Soichi Terada’s music is much more than a DJ tool, crafted for the function dancing, but packed with the kind of visceral equipment that make it effective amongst any DJ’s selections as a anthropomorphic counterpoint to the machine soundscape of this music. Terada, himself bridges that gap between the dance floor and the stage through personal touch, performing this dance music in a live context. He retains the perspective of the DJ, where the pulse of the dance floor remains paramount, with the purpose of this music to entertain as much as it engages. It’s a theme that finds some even ground with the ethos of Nightflight, where a night of guilty pleasures is always just around the corner. Norwegian DJ, Espen Haa fills out his line-up taking on DJ duties before and after Terada in the basement.
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