Vinyl.Zone mit Jago K. & Tagträumer²

  • Jago K., a true son of Berlin, and anything but a typical representative of the "Sounds of Berlin ". On the other expectations of possible drawer compliant sound he was never even give a piece. Because of his long years in the climate of the black music scene in Berlin, with accompanying tours towards punk, rock and South American music, he is always ready for a very unique sound, and somehow always more groovin’ House than monotonous Techno. He comes from a family of actors and artists, which ever supported his burgeoning creative ambitions in all directions. As the age of 11, his soul keep on burning after the first contact with the parental music library and it became clear that this should be a love for life. At the age of 13 he began taking piano lessons. In parallel, he visited in this young age already different clubs between the coordinates punk, hip hop, house and techno. The dance floor was a second home. After many years active in the writers' scene in Berlin, the focus shifted interest towards electronic dancefloor music. Influenced by DJ activities of friends, he began in the late nineties with the DJ'ing. It did not take long and he stretched himself as a youngster at various DJ competitions in Ibiza and in Germany with other members of his profession. He reaped regular seats on the podium and was, among others, 2003 voted by the Prince Magazine as one of the best young DJ's in Berlin. He began to organize his own parties and travels in the following years across the Republic to entertain the various clubs with his definition of high quality, electronic music. He tinkers in the quiet back room of his own productions, which he incorporates as secret weapons in his sets, but never makes it accessible in the form of publications to the public. For the future this will change and the first releases will be all the way from the back room in the world. Tagträumer² s per our collective minds; music is a universal language which is spoken and written around the globe. With his backpack loaded with records and his mind full of ideas, Tagträumer² has been exploring foreign countries and undiscovered sounds. Eight years have passed on his seemingly endless journey. Through different people, extraordinary situations, adventurous experiences and unknown vibes an elixir of magic is created. It is the engine and the resource that drives his artistic inspirations. Tagträumer²’s musical path has led him to over a dozen countries, including those which no longer are counted as electronic driven societies. Most notably are his events in countries such as China, South Korea, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine and Serbia which have enriched Tagträumer²’s experiences and are reflected in his tracks and DJ sets. His work tells us stories about forward moments during the cold nights at the Great Wall of China, and about weightless festivals on Crimea in the middle of sparkling Salt Lakes, and of the parties surrounded by the never ending neon light in Korean bars. Back home in Berlin, Tagträumer² processes his gathered impressions in his productions which are released on several different labels. But of course, his productions are also released on his own vinyl and digital record label "BlackFoxMusic" ( that Robert launched in 2007. The label management’s activities also expanded onto Schallbox Rec. and Neopren. In addition, the Berlin artist focuses his creative output as a DJ, for which he exclusively uses Vinyl. Regardless of how heavy his backpack may be on his future journey to Belgium, Kamchatka, or elsewhere, as long as there will be some turn tables in place, any booking requests are welcome.
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