Focus: Cassegrain (Live) 'Centres of Distraction' Album Tour & Tin Man (Live)

  • Friday, May 8th • Bar opens 8PM, Club doors 10PM cassegrain​ are a Berlin-based duo whose debut full-length, "Centers of Distraction" was released last November via Prologue Music​ to much acclaim. TIN MAN​ is the foremost proponent of the Roland TB-303, a notoriously garish instrument which is the basis for all acid house, yet he produces some of the deepest techno around. His latest LP was described by RA as "an ode to depleted serotonin... captur[ing] the after-the-rave state of mind." Frequent collaborators, both Cassegrain and Tin Man will perform live, with Solomon Sanchez leading us to start our techno journey. Cassegrain [LiVE] (Prologue | Berlin) Tin Man [LiVE] ( Absurd Recordings / Acid Test​ | Vienna) Solomon Sanchez Body Werk in Flash Bar: Andy Grant (DC House Grooves) Navbox​ CASSEGRAIN: Cassegrain originated via a chance meeting at the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona. The Berlin based duo, now well established in the sphere of electronic music, has found a home in Prologue Music after having several releases with the label including the highly acclaimed double 12" "Tiamat". They have also appeared on Modal Analysis, M_Rec Ltd and Semantica while their ongoing collaboration with Tin Man is released through Berlin based Killekill. Cassegrain have become known for their intricate, hardware based live sets which they have performed worldwide, from Berlin's Berghain, Barcelona's Sonar Festival to Tokyo and Taipei. 2014 has been a big year for the pair; they have been busy in the role of remixers, as well as getting the treatment themselves. "Tiamat Remixes" was released in May, followed by the EP "Blood Distributed as Pure Colour". This commenced a new chapter for Cassegrain acting as a sound manifesto for their debut album "Centres of Distraction" released in November. TIN MAN: Of Finnish descent, but born and raised in California, TIN MAN now has a home in Vienna, a town perfectly suited to his deep and moody productions. TIN MAN launched his Global A label project in 2004. The first two releases, 'Places' and 'Acid Acid', weighed in at three pieces of vinyl each, and showcased his two major musical passions: fragile deep electronica and acid house. TIN MAN has acclaimed releases on the Finnish record label Sähkö / Keys of Life, Cheap Records from Vienna, and continues with new releases on his own imprint, Global A . While TIN MAN's output is diverse in its references, certain underpinnings can be heard throughout. There is always a strong reference to Acid House music, as well as a strong reference to Ambient and Electronic Pop music from the past 30 years. TIN MAN's newer output features his voice and follows a "concept album" format. Thus, complete records are as important as individual songs. The songs tend to follow a simple structure with changes that grow slowly within motifs. Mood construction and story telling are both equally important. And with each new record, there are new historical references to tell different stories. TIN MAN also continues with his passion for Acid House by continuing to produce retro-acid tracks and playing live shows regularly. These live shows celebrate early house music, its hypnotic charm, and its blissful raw energy.
  • Focus: Cassegrain (Live) 'Centres of Distraction' Album Tour & Tin Man (Live) - Flyer front
    Focus: Cassegrain (Live) 'Centres of Distraction' Album Tour & Tin Man (Live) - Flyer back