• Venue
    • Refshalevej 185, 1432 Christianshavn, København
  • Date
    3 Jun 2015
    Wed 16:00 - Sun 23:59
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  • Attending
    • 21
  • Since 1998, Distortion pushes the limits of Copenhagen street life and international club culture. Distortion offers a week of massive street parties in the daytime, a versatile festival for the newest in dance music at night, and one grandiose rave: the Final Party. Hail the 17th edition of Distortion, a week of emerging dance music and orchestrated chaos. Street parties In the daytime it’s “orchestrated chaos” time. Distortion fills the streets with 44+ local sound systems and 80.000+ guests from all over the world. This takes place every day in a new part of town in central Copenhagen: Nørrebro on Wednesday, Vesterbro on Thursday, the Copenhagen harbour on Friday. Many festivals and events around the world have a claim at “mayhem”, the honey-magic of party makers. The Distortion party-tsunami eats mayhem for breakfast: we turn the whole city upside down (well, only 44 streets per day), sweep it all shiny clean at night, and we’re ready in another neighbourhood the next morning - three days in a row. And the street parties are just in the daytime! We have been described by some underground magazine for party-animals as “the longest and the hardest party - ever” in 2009 (which was a warm-up year, really). It’s simple: we set 80.000 techno-vikings on the loose - you don’t know mayhem until you’ve seen distortion mayhem. The street fest also includes some intelligence, family cozyness and peaceful poetry, in selected backyards, museums and gardens - for those who are through with the animal stage of their life (it can happen to anyone). In 2014, we discretely host pop-up restaurants in sidestreets with Michelin-starred restaurants serving 3-course dinners for 150kr (20€uros) and we are launching a new free one-day classical music festival in a flower garden featuring Niels Frahm… Why shouldn’t party animals also be allowed to behave human!!?! The street parties are financed by the thousands and thousands of people who buy the Gadearmbånd. So we can clean up the streets after this incomparable street feast. Rolling Stone Magazine (US) describes Distortion as a: “wild, feverish, relentless, free-form monster”. Distortion Club Every night, the Distortion Club presents the best new emerging artists in the coolest venues in Copenhagen: Culture Box, Jazzhouse, Rust and Pumpehuset. We also do special events in one-off locations like swimming pools, theatres, museums and bridges. This is where we move the focus from street madness and randomness—> into the deeper universe of contemporary dance music. DJ Magazine (London) calls us “one of the best club festivals in the world” and Distortion Club musical co-hosts include Vice Magazine (since 2006), RBMA (since 2008), Culture Box (since 2004) and Fact magazine (in 2014). Distortion Ø This year Distortion launches DISTORTION Ø - a two day music festival at Refshaleøen and the biggest electronic music event in Denmark. The two street parties at Nørrebro and Vesterbro as you know them will be rounded with Distortion Ø on Friday and Saturday. Distortion Ø is one happy mix of party and concerts, with 9 + stages, full line-up for both days, Danish and international club names and awesome stuff like fireworks, techno tunnels, buses in the air, lazer shows and other surprises.
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