Housewife with Violent Blondes & Sophie Lloyd

  • Very excited to announce the line-up for our Xmas party at the Horse & Groom on the 20th of December..... Hope you're all ready for this, it's going to be a big one! //////// VIOLENT BLONDES //////// London born house and techno DJs and producers, the Violent Blondes, are fresh to the scene on a quest to inject their version of twisted glamour into the world of electronic music. With two totally different personalities influencing the same sets and productions, the Violent Blondes sound is very much their own. /////////// SOPHIE LLOYD /////////// A disco queen and party starter. Only quality drops with this girl who has been working her way back through the genealogy of disco and house mining only the finest melodic seams. ///////////// LISA LOUD ////////////// Lisa Loud is one of the most legendary figures in the underground club scene holding the title of 'first lady of dance' and 'first female DJ in the UK'. She delivers a dark, techy, grinding groove, tailored for long loud night on packed dancefloors. It's a soundtrack to the coolest party of your life and everyone's invited. In short it rocks and above all IT'S LOUD! /////////// SACHA SCHWARZ //////////// Sacha Schwarz started out DJing / producing breaks & held a long-standing residency at the Utah Saints’ Sugarbeat Club. Coming from an alternate musical background helped Schwarz hone a love of good music regardless of genre.
  • Housewife with Violent Blondes & Sophie Lloyd - Flyer front
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