Independent Feat. Hernan Cattaneo

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    <GAIA>HOUSE | TECHNO ACT: Hernan Cattaneo DJ OGAWA Gonno GORO (Arabesque Greenling/Snows On Conifer) <DEEP SPACE>ALL GOOD MUSIC GUEST: EYヨ(Boredoms) TEMMA-Teje(Snows On Conifer / Cocoon recordings ) ACT: Kenji Endo(strobo/EUREKA!) Tomoya Watanabe(Brightness) Kamekawa(Daytona / Drop / Leaves) Future(BREMEN) <WHITE>Supported By Vein ACT: BLUE COSMIC MONKEY( Rolling Thunder ) Tsuyuki( Vein ) YASUCA(Hed Kandi) Gohlem FUJIMON(Bass Works Recordings) matsusita and more <D-LOUNGE>ALL MIX ACT: オカモトレイジ(OKAMOTO'S) Diana Chiaki JUN TAKAHASHI(UNDERCOVER) and more
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  • Super Star of Argentina Comes Back to VISION! HERNAN CATTANEO is the super star DJ from Argentina. He played for 1st anniversary of VISION, and he finally comes back. Since his talent was discovered by Paul Oakenfold in ’92, he has been supported by super stars such as Sasha, John Digweed, Deep Dish and more. He has been resident DJ of Clubland @ Pasha in Buenos Aires for 20 years, the club called “the best in the world” by many top DJs. He is true leader of house music scene. From Japan, DJ OGAWA, GONNO, EYE will be performing at this party. This will be rare opportunity to experience HERNAN’s performance in Japan. Don’t miss it. アルゼンチンの天才アーティストが約2年ぶりにVISION再登場 VISIONの1周年パーティに登場し、フロアを沸騰させたアルゼンチンの天才HERNAN CATTANEOが、この日ついに還ってくる。92年にPaul Oakenfoldに見出されて以来、Sasha、John Digweed、Deep Dishといったスーパースターたちの惜しみない称賛を獲得。トップDJたちが「世界最高のクラブ」と口を揃えるブエノスアイレスClubland @ Pashaのレジデントを20年以上に渡って務めあげてきたハウスシーンの第一人者。これを国内から迎え撃つのは、DJ OGAWA、GONNO 、EYヨといった実力者たちだ。HERNANのプレイを日本で体感するチャンスは極めて限られているだけに、見逃すことのできない希少の夜となる。 YOU MUST BE OVER 20
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