Frue ~Winter of the Ice Wizard~

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    【UNIT】 Svreca (SEMANTICA / Spain) Varg -LIVE- (Northern Electronics / Sweden) Wata Igarashi (Drone) Asyl Cahier (LSI Dream / FOULE) 【SALOON】 Yuuki Sakai (Black Sun Records / Warm Up Records) Cold Name (Jesse Ruins / Living Tapes) -LIVE- BLACKOLY (yygrec) -LIVE- mifuma -LIVE- Mamazu (HOLE AND HOLLAND) PECO ::INCENSeffect:: SANGA ::Shop:: iftah ya simsim 気流舎 ::Flyer Artwork:: Yuriko Shimamura ::Flyer Design:: shin akiyama + ippei okamoto/edition.nord
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  • ::Svreca (SEMANTICA / Spain):: Svreca is Spanish techno's most recent celebrated son. As a DJ, producer and label boss he constantly updates his vision for the genre, and it is one where no compromises are made and the focus is firmly on getting into your mind rather than your body. Both his own techno and the stuff he releases on his own Semantica label from the likes of Surgeon, Silent Servant and Abdulla Rashim is truly textured and experimental, abstract but inviting stuff that makes for a cerebral listening experiences. His DJ sets, too, are brave and forward looking things that pay little heed to current trends, and instead remain resolutely inventive from start to finish. ::Varg (Northern Electronics / Sweden):: The mysterious Swedish producer Varg was responsible for the first release on Abdulla Rashim’s Northern Electronics outfit. Isolated in the coldest parts of northern Sweden, Varg slowly surfaced before grounding himself with the ambient techno and acid-bliss of the ‘Misantropen’ LP. Varg’s music is the outcome of a loners mind, trying to interpret ancient life by machine experiments live recorded and off-kilter analogue jams in single takes. His music found refuge in the last Field Records collection and was released more recently on Svreca’s Semantica. Varg is also part of the D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. project, recently released on Opal Tapes and forms the duo Ulwhednar with Abdulla Rashim. Expect a deep and experimental live performance for his first-ever appearance in Japan. 魑魅魍魎の類いが跋扈するという一年でもっとも永い冬の夜。 冥い闇の底へと下りていくかのような深さと叙事詩のように展開するセットで人気を不動のものとしたSvrecaに加え、 吹雪のような轟音のノイズと実験性、そして、魔術的なグルーヴを渦巻かす、北欧からの刺客・Vargによるアナログ機器(TR 808、Polysynth、Juno 60、Korg MS-20等々)を駆使したオールインプロヴィゼーション、一夜限りのLIVEセットが本邦初公開! そして、日本勢はFRUEではお馴染となった深いサウンドスケープを描き出すWata Igarashi、ユーモアいっぱいの鋭い感性とセンスが光るクリエーター集団”HOLE AND HOLLAND”からMAMAZU、摩訶不思議な音と美食の追及に日夜いそしむ道楽者のPECOちゃんに加え、呪術的かつ前衛的なエッセンスを携えたハウス/テクノグルーヴを得意とするasyl cahierを筆頭に、新しい感性でユニークな活動を展開する新世代のDJ/プロデューサー・Yuuki Sakai、Cold Name-LIVE-、mifuma-LIVE-、BLACKOLY-LIVE- がSALOONに出演します。 また、香りの空間演出(UNITは禁煙)として、”イイ匂いのするパーティ=FRUE”と呼ばれるほど強いインパクトを残すナチュラルインセンスブランド・SANGAが新たな知覚の扉を開いてくれることでしょう。
  • Frue ~Winter of the Ice Wizard~ - Flyer front
    Frue ~Winter of the Ice Wizard~ - Flyer back