Todaysart Festival 2013 - Day 1

  • TodaysArt 2013 International Festival Beyond Art 27 + 28 September The Hague, NL We are not the solution to any crisis. We are not the answer to the rising vacancy of buildings. We neither have the appropriate response to the skepticism about the need for art and culture, nor do we theorize about what the future will bring us. Instead, we show you what is here, today. This is the situation: we have 124.000 m2 of free space in the middle of the city centre of The Hague that is publicly accessible for the first time. We have a powerful network of creators and thinkers. And we know how to present them and their work within the context of a festival. Before us lies a huge challenge, but at the same time a great opportunity. Instead of answering questions, or asking more questions, we do what we do best; we present innovative art and music from the front lines in an interesting and new setting and we invite you to come and join us. - TodaysArt
  • Todaysart Festival 2013 - Day 1 - Flyer front
    Todaysart Festival 2013 - Day 1 - Flyer back