Inti Fest

  • To connect consciousness to the natural world ancient Peruvians raised their spirits through music. It is with this same vision and purpose that Inti Fest is compelled to communicate and celebrate nature and life through music. As it was for the mysterious Nasca, music is also our offering and we have therefore prepared a lineup of artists who are at the forefront of electronic dance. For the 4th edition of the festival, 4Beats Peru has prepared a balanced lineup comprised of experienced DJs and producers who have been entertaining and inspiring for more than two decades along with younger artists who have recently dazzled dance floors at clubs and festivals around the world. With the completion of Inti Fest 2013 4Beats Peru confirms once again its commitment to quality dance music broadcasting a fun lifestyle and sharing new and fresh rhythms of contemporary electronic dance music.
  • Inti Fest - Flyer front