Improvist #2 presents Alex Et Laetitia De Katapult & Nathalia Petkova

  • REMEMBER: PARTY STARTS AT 9:00! DON'T MISS NICOLAS BEAUDRON'S LIVE ACT! IMPROVIST puts together events in Paris and London with artists from diverse backgrounds. One night in Paris, the next in London, and all over again. By soliciting young artists of the local scene to produce themselves alongside foreign renowned talents, our aim is to open up and unleash the bursting talents of these sister cities. For our second event we solicit: ALEX ET LAETITIA DE KATAPULT (Karat Records, FR) NATHALIA PETKOVA (Voyage, UK) MARC MILNER (Improvist, UK) NICO BEAUDRON Live (FR) CHARLES BOHMANN (Ayabo Music, FR) ALEX ET LAETITIA DE KATAPULT (Karat Records, FR) This couple today constituting without any doubt the most renowned duo of the Parisian nightlife is also on the verge of making a statement beyond their borders. With such a busy agenda, the two record label owners of Karat Records are on a tight schedule: Upcoming nights alongside Ivan Smagghe, Masomenos, Dan Andrei but also the under 300 tour by Loco Dice and once again Villalobos, a new residence at the ZeroZero in Paris and the eagerly awaited Karat Ep 46 by Seuil Himself! For their first night here in London there is no doubt they will deliver a truly mind blowing set. NATHALIA PETKOVA (Voyage, UK) Nathalia has been present in the London scene for a little while now, and is working on her project named Voyage. Her nights at the Basing House and her djing has built up her reputation among the London crowd. After a non stop year where she performed with artists such as San Proper, Bloody Mary, Glimpse, Popoviciu, Audiofly, Yousef, Danny Benedettini or even Claus Voigtmann, the Bulgarian artist will honor us with her presence and talent. MARC MILNER (Improvist, UK) Marc Milner has only recently made his appearance in the british nightlife, he was born and raised in Paris but is now based in London. With more and more frequent gigs, the animator of the Colegrafic Review will distill his selection of deep house and groovy minimal tracks. CHARLES BOHMANN (Ayabo Music; FR) For the first Improvist in London, the new recrew of the very young record label Ayabo Music will offer a very distinguished but punchy dj set composed by his latest musical encounters. NICO BEAUDRON Live (FR) This young producer is on his way to be one of the best surprises in Paris with his latest creations. Although he has yet to build up his fame, this outstanding live act will be the starting point of this night. His meritourious micro house and deep tech performance makes it obvious Nico will find his crowd here in London. ARTWORK by brendan dunne VJ and Mapping by Caroline Lefrère
  • Improvist #2 presents Alex Et Laetitia De Katapult & Nathalia Petkova - Flyer front