Raiders Of The Lost Arp (live) At Lunar Disko

  • Mario began his professional career in 1996 when he met Marco Passarani from Nature records and together they decided to start a series of projects: releases, radio-shows and parties. Originally hailing from Rome, Italy, Mario now lives in Uppsala, Sweden...although he is very much still digitally and physically connected with the Roma sound he has forged with Marco Passarani and Francisco. The musical projects, MAT101 and Jolly Music were originally formed by Mario alongside Francesco de Bellis (aka Francisco) and Emiliano Tortora who later decided to split from MAT101. But, it is Mario's solo project Raiders of the Lost ARP that really caused a stir amongst fans of his music. When you talk about Raiders of the Lost Arp, it's impossible not to notice his love for soul, funk and jazz: and that's exactly the flavour you get in Mario's electro-techno live sets. He has released two outstanding LP's and numerous EP's over the years, which have brought his fusion of sound to new heights...
  • Raiders Of The Lost Arp (live) At Lunar Disko - Flyer front
    Raiders Of The Lost Arp (live) At Lunar Disko - Flyer back