Test Festival

  • Test Festival 2011 takes us through all the European geography to portray its electronic scene. In the line-up we find established artists like Alexander Kowalski. His live performance and Dosem’s will represent the Damage Music Berlin label. One type of programming is the invitation to British artists, in what will be a chronological review of music emerging in the UK, from Mark Broom to DeepBass, and through Surgeon and Sandwell District. A new talent coming from Berlin is Alle Farben, a young German who is attracting the attention of the Berlin scene. He is visiting Spain for the first time. Test Festival, which tries year after year to bring new proposals to the public, is paying tribute to the national dubstep scene and the more experimental electronic scene, with the Chelis and Disboot groups, led by Uxuka and DJ Cauto. This festival features a strong presence of showcases from European labels. Among them, Mono Records, who joins the line-up with Claudio PRC b2b Ness and Attemporal, or M_Rec, with Max_M and Counterpart live. Like every year, the Test Festival offers a wide representation of artists from the Levantine scene in the line-up, among them are Hansur, Johannex, Surit, Paradiso Crew, Misstra, Catman, Pizzicato, Inakproject, Jorge Rens, PD Roke, Soundglasses and Pepe Valero. The line-up is complemented with an element of Spanish electronic talents like MouseUp or Pablo Demonio, blogger and programmer. In total, more than thirty performances spread over two stages that will work for most of the day. From 11pm to 12am on Friday, and from 5pm to 12am on Saturday and Sunday. Also new this year is the camping area located a few meters from the venue, easily accessible on foot and with an annex car park. It will be open from 12 to 15 August. The festival grows but stays true to its principle of offering the best at the best price. The 3-day tickets can be purchased in advance for 15 euros (18 euros with camping). Advance tickets on sale www.atrapalo.com More information on the official website: www.testfestival.es and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/testfestival
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