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  • Venue
    T Bar
    • 18 - 22 Houndsditch; Aldgate; London EC3A 7LP; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Thu, 22 Apr 20109:00pm - 3:00 am
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    T BassT Bar
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    • 5
  • This week T Bass presents Ram Records bad boy James Pountney aka Culture Shock. This seminal producer has about us such modern classics as Vice Chase and Kronix and is fast becoming one of the scenes hottest talents. With regular sets at Matter and various other clubs around the world this guy is wowing crowds with his brilliant dj skills and unmatched production talents. Tresspass This boy has been on the scene for years and has recently been making the DJ Hero game. Come down and witness his magical skills. Phatplastic Shealan Forshaw & Chris Brackley have known each other for as long as they can remember. If you ask them where they grew up you'll probably get the vague answer "near Brighton...", but dig a little deeper and you'll discover they actually come from Bognor Regis, their own dirty little secret. In Bognor they eschewed the popular youth past times of binge drinking and petty crime to concentrate on a shared love of music, which eventually led to a weekly residency in Bognor's only reputable night club, legendary sweatbox Gators, a favourite haunt for DJs like Harvey and a young Terry Francis. After a series of successful ventures in club promotion and commercial radio, the two decided Bognor just wasn't big enough for the plans they were hatching and decided to head for the gold paved streets of old London town. mmediately feeling at home amongst the bars and clubs London had to offer, they set to work spreading the phatplastic gospel. Covering a multitude of bases, from raw 70's funk to jump-up jungle via old-school hip-hop, the boys show a healthy disinterest in trend-hopping and style trappings. Name-checking artists like Aim, Jazzy Jeff and Steinski as inspiration, they're never afraid to drop a forgotten classic or undiscovered gem, as long as it's got the all-important 'funk factor'. A technology-minded pair, phatplastic are not shy when it comes to playing a variety of their own re-edits, cut-ups and remixes, bringing a unique presence to the party that extends beyond simply playing the same old records in a different order. It's this ability to keep things interesting which has given the boys a chance to spin regularly in such diverse venues as Fabric's main room, Herbal, Rhythm Factory, Medicine Bar, The Old Queens Head, Turnmills and Elbow Rooms. With gigs coming in thick and fast, this year is set to be the boys phattest ever. The boys are currently residents at The Winchester in Islington, The Lost Angel in Battersea and The Independent in Sunderland. Goldsmiths Bass Society “For all lovers of Bass-heavy music at Goldsmiths College and beyond.” The Bass Society have been pushing bass music for the last 2 years, organising events in south East London as well as Shoreditch, always aiming to push up and coming producers and djs from the college and the future sounds of bass music in general. Expect on the night Dancehall/Future Garage/Funky and everything in between! Atticus Harris and Babystarr Whether on at 3am or 9pm these boys bring a great combo of amazing music. Whether it's busting Hip hop to those first punters or dnb to the last, these lads promise to deliver each and every time. Come down early n have a drink with them. x
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