Lion & Lamb Saturdays with Krywald & Farrer, Tristan da Cunha and Birds

  • This Saturday we welcome London based maestro’s and long-standing Percolate residents Krywald & Farrer. Over the years they’ve steadily grown into highly regarded artists following the creation of their Persies, Repsies and Top Pocket Records labels. Having built a reputation based on both the depth and breadth of their record selection, the duo have become regulars on both the UK festival circuit playing at Gottwood, Houghton and Queens Yard Summer Party. Joining him is outer space like a cosmic pied piper and Leeds born and bred Tristan da Cunha who was put on earth to make us move. A serious collector & selector with an expansive vinyl archive that has both depth and breadth across the many genres. Match this with his infectious energy behind the decks and you have a sonic force that never fails to move the dance floor and pop the party no matter where he plays. Following a string of successful gigs at events like NYC’s Resolute, Manchester’s The Loft and Amsterdam’s Bret we can’t wait to see what eclectic energy Hearlucinate label boss brings this to the booth time around. Rising London star Katie Wilkinson aka Birds makes her debut warming things up early doors with the sounds of 90s acid basslines, electro and goth-y 80’s EBM, New Wave, post-punk style guitars and off kilter vocals to create something refreshingly original. Her releases have received support from Erol Alkan and monthly residency shows on Netil Radio have an extremely transcendent nature to them; you never know whether you'll find yourself dancing to churning low tempo industrial techno, high tempo acid bass lines, Italo or something far and between these things. If you haven’t already checked her out then we highly recommend getting to know this exciting new talent. Limited £10 tickets left.
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  • Lion & Lamb Saturdays with Krywald & Farrer, Tristan da Cunha and Birds  - Flyer front