Woven Vol.4 by Mixmag Japan

  • 『Mixmag Japanがサポートしてきたパーティの集大成』 2020年に発足したパーティ"WOVEN"も4回目。新型コロナウイルス発生後、海外アーティストの来日が簡単でなくなって久しい。しかしながら海外のクラブシーンに引けを取らない才能が、国内にもひしめいている。2021年からは、WOVENはGH STREAMINGとの動画配信によって数多のDJにフォーカスしてきた。今回出演するアーティスト、例えばYoshinori Hayashi、Risa Taniguchi、Semei、Carpainter、andrew、MAREAMはいずれも過去にWOVENの動画配信にも出ている。DRUNKEN KONGやISHIJIMA、mu”heやRen Yokoi、ZENTAは、イベントとしてのWOVENに登場しており、その意味で今回は紛れもなく集大成と言える。それに加えて、FELINEやGenick、ARUTAら若手が新たにラインナップされた。 フロアやジャンルは違えど、今回のラインナップに名を連ねるアクトはダンスミュージックの最先端をひた走る素晴らしいDJたちだ。ぜひ、フロアでその輝きを確かめてほしい。 「The culmination of the party that has been supported by Mixmag Japan」 "WOVEN", the party that began in 2020, hosts for the 4th time. It has been a while since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, which made it very difficult for international artists to travel to Japan. However, the talents and the skills of the locals here compare favorably with the club scene overseas. Since 2021, WOVEN has been focusing on various DJs by streaming on GH STREAMING. The artists lined up for this occasion, Yoshinori Hayashi, Risa Taniguchi, Seimei, Carpainter, andrew, and MAREAM have all appeared on the streaming of WOVEN. DRUNKEN KONG, ISHIJIMA, mu”he, Ren Yokoi, and ZENTA have all played at WOVEN's event. In this regard, this edition compiles previous headliners into one event. In addition, fresh acts such as FELINE, Genick, and ARUTA will be joining the lineup. Despite the different floors and genres, the acts in this lineup are DJs in the forefront of dance music. See with your own eyes the brilliance they bring to the dance floor. Open 10PM ¥1000 Under 23 ¥1000 Before 11PM ¥1500 GH G Members ¥2000 GH S Members ¥2500 Facebook Discount ¥2500 GH Members ¥3000 Door
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