Chaos 2021

  • CHAØS 2021 "On the 13th November we celebrate the beginning into an era of CHAØS with Before CHAOS at Athens Conservatoire. A first moment of freedom where the dancefloor echoes ancient rites, an act o passion for the birth of the child. On the 4th of December the womb will deliver the birth of CHAØS. And thus #chaosisborn. REIGN WITH LOVE CHAØS! THIS WORLD IS YOURS." With a completely unique lineup aiming to represent the most important names in today’s worldwide dance scene, CHAOS aims to present and combine a monumental multi-stage experience that will span for more than 12 hours, aiming to grow into something unique for Greece. Created by two diverse but extremely experienced teams, a) 3 Shades of Black with a persistent presence in the live events scene both with its external/independent productions but also by their curation & management of Temple Athens and b) Cosmonauts with their extremely successful presence in the dance scene, in CHAOS this experience & passion unites again into a common goal. A pure and true electronic/dance winter festival that will achieve a life of its own and will expand through the years to come.


  • Chaos 2021 - Flyer front
    Chaos 2021 - Flyer back