Family Tree Collective presents: Breaksgiving

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    Elation Figment PMMAIRE Barthio Cesar Hiponia Soularize DJ Joy Solid DJ PMD Counter-Intelligence Chipleh
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  • Just in time for the holiday season, FTC & friends present: "Breaksgiving." Thursday's for family but Saturday's for Family Tree. In the spirit of the season of giving, Family Tree Collective is giving you a day of Breakbeats and a chance to win 1 of 3 amazing prize packs. To enter contest, please follow instructions below 👇 1. Hit the "Going" button in the Breaksgiving event page. 2. Sign up for a new or login to your existing Twitch account. 3. Head over to and "Subscribe" for 1 month. The more months you subscribe for, the better your odds of winning 1 of 3 fabuloso prize packs, courtesy of Family Tree Collective and our extended family at Internal Konflict Productions, Ungerwear and many more local artists. 4. Post your Twitch account name in the Breaksgiving event page so we know who you are. 5. Tune in say hi and get rowdy with us as we Break Dem Beats all day into the night! Contestants have until 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time to subscribe and register to win. You don't need to be present the whole stream, even though it'd be a lot cooler if you did. Alright, alright.. Prize pack 1 - A limited edition 10 inch FTC signed vinyl record with 3 tracks from FTC artists plus stickers. Prize pack 2 - Official Family Funk Project, Internal Konflict shirts and stickers. Prize pack 3 - Official Family Tree Collective Tee Shirt, koozie and stickers. More prizes will be added as time goes on. For those who are saving for the holiday season, you can still take advantge of FTC and Breaksgiving. All you have to do is throw #forthefam in the stream chat and viola, stickers coming your way. Family Tree Collective is proud to Break Dem Beats with some of the finest humans and amazing DJs. We will be streaming from our Tree House Studio, in Baltimore Maryland and around the these United States of Breaks. Tune into and keep it locked or follow from each artist's channel. Allstar Breaksgiving DJs 👇 In The Tree House Studio 🏡 Elation Chipleh Cesar Hiponia Pmmaire DJ PMD Counterintelligence From around the 🇺🇸 Figment - Twitch channel coming soon Barthio - Soularize - DJ Joy - Twitch channel coming soon Solid - Family Tree Collective will be hosting all Breaksgiving artists on You can keep it locked here or join each artist's Twitch stream separately. Happy Breaksgiving Fam!
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