Premiär - Kontainer - Hector Oaks - Billie Jo - Queen E

  • To get everybody back into dancing after lonely times we bring you KONTAINER at Backdoor. We are kicking off with Hector Oaks, maybe the most active and appreciated DJ of the moment. Techno in a pure form, ruff, hard, from the heart. Resident at Bassiani, Tbilisi and Herrensauna Berlin. He has released albums on Bassiani and Tresor, you get the point. Playing with him will be good Friend and Stockholm a Billie Jo who after her trip to Work Them Records Berlin Just made her return to Stockholm. KONTAINER is a collaboration of RECORD LOFT Berlin and BRONX - Nya Bastun to reinforce the dance floor and bring Core DJs and Music Catalysts to Stockholm. MIDWEEKS ! FREAK PRICE ! Kontainer c/o Backdoor, Arenavägen 75 Öppettider 22.00-05.00 Kom tidigt. Bjud gärna in era bästa dansande vänner på eventet här För info om kommande event: Gilla sidan
  • Premiär - Kontainer - Hector Oaks - Billie Jo - Queen E - Flyer front