Better in the 90s

  • Picture the scene. The year is 1994. The location: Manchester, UK. After hearing about the burgeoning rave scene revolving around house, jungle, and hardcore music, you and a group of friends decide to investigate the hype first-hand. After a short bus ride, you join a queue outside of a former industrial space. The wait is not long, but it takes just enough time to build some excitement as you feel the low rumble of the bass emanating from inside. Finally, you cross the threshold into a different world as you open the doors of the venue. Upon entry, you are greeted with a series of boundary pushing sounds delivered to your eardrums, courtesy of a crack team of resident selectas. This music is nothing like you have ever heard before. Each track seems more innovative and creative than the last. Your body takes over your mind and you keep dancing for hours on end. The night is a blur, but you are left with a feeling of euphoria which you will remember forever. Why imagine this story when you can experience it yourself? Join us on 23 October for an unforgettable night of the finest music from the 1990s UK underground rave scene.
  • Better in the 90s - Flyer front