Fantastic Man, Platforma Wolff Soundsystem, Kozo

  • Venue
    Platforma Wolff
    • 1, Doctor Constantin Istrati Street, Sector 4, 040542, Bucharest
  • Date
    24 Sep 2021
    Fri 20:00 - Sun 02:00
  • Promoter
    Platforma Wolff
  • Attending
    • 4
  • Last weekend of September and we have Fantastic Man gracing our DJ Bar with his unique presence. As a DJ, Mic Newman is experienced and revered. His versatile sets are the result of the early years cutting his teeth in the varied circuit of the Melbourne club scene. More recently he tours regularly around the globe playing at some of the best-known clubs and festivals. He is joined on the night by Platforma Wolff Soundsystem. Saturday is a floor filler as we continue to explore the extremely well-calibrated local house and techno scene. For this one we invited the ever-evolving and versatile Kozo to take our Danley Sound Labs system for a ride. Find us a bit deeper into the Halele Carol complex. The outdoor setting of Platforma Wolff will be there for you to discover along with our signature drinks and Danley Sound Labs system from 6pm until after midnight. ••• Fri. 24.09 • 8pm-2am • Fee: 20 FANTASTIC MAN (Superconscious Records, Mule Musiq, AUS) PW SOUNDSYSTEM Sat. 11.09 • 8pm-2am • Fee: 20 KOZO ••• Platforma Wolff is an electronic music oriented DJ Bar in Bucharest, with a passion for rare finds and clean sound. We are an intimate locale where both our favourite performers and patrons feel at home. ••• 1, Dr. Constantin Istrati Street Access through Expirat Halele Carol Capacity is limited to 150. COVID-19 related measures, regulations and guidelines apply. Please have your EU Digital COVID Certificate and ID ready at the door.
  • Fantastic Man, Platforma Wolff Soundsystem, Kozo - Flyer front