Festival Wrap Party 2021

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    To be announced
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  • It's not a celebration but more an evening simply recognising what we have all been through, and we would love you to come on the 11th November 2021 from 7pm @ Village Underground. Given the challenges the season has presented and also that many in the sector had to cancel or postpone again, I feel it's even more poignant to have an evening of drinks and live music. Both things we have missed or struggled to indulge in this year due to the ferocity of delivery! It's been ferocious in ways I didn't even imagine. I can't fund the event in its entirety, so I have reached out to our friends at AIF, Festival Insights and Access All Areas Magazine to help contribute towards some of the costs, and we are asking for a contribution of £15 per person. I have to stress this is NOT for profit but as I’m sure you will all appreciate, there are hard costs to hiring a venue, tech production, security, talent etc…