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    Katred, Vvirtual Vviolence
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  • Please join Interference Radio on Twitch for our weekly resident DJ livestream event, featuring our resident DJs Cory Simpson & Plastic Disease, playing darker styles of Techno (including, but not limited to, Dark Techno, Dark Minimal, Industrial Techno, Hard Techno, Gabber, and Body Music). September 3, 2021 from 9 PM-1 AM EDT / 6-10 PM PDT Watch the event for free at twitch.tv/interferenceradio You don't need an account to watch, but if you want to participate in the chat you will need an account. -------------------------------- Katred (Albany, NY) 9-11 PM EDT / 6-8 PM PDT Katred throws analog EBM synth loops, irreverent electro-minimalism, and harsh industrial techno beats into cathartic dance floor mixes. She spent a decade spinning queer-punk disco parties around Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood and co-founded False Prophet, a monthly dark dance night with Sharlese Metcalf, former I/R guest. She currently resides in Upstate NY and can be found spinning at Blackout Dance Party in Hudson during non-Corona times. twitch.tv/katred Vvirtual Vviolence (Eugene, OR)) 11 PM-1 AM EDT / 8-10 PM PDT Vvirtual Vviolence is a resident DJ at Chemical Burn in Eugene, Oregon and at Cummunion in Portland. He is also a regular DJ at Ghost House in Eugene. He is a tech nerd, cyberpunk savant and artist/producer.He is on our Twitch channel the 3rd Friday of every month. twitch.tv/vvirtualvviolence -------------------------------------- twitch.tv/interferenceradio facebook.com/interferenceradiousa Instagram: @interference_radio mixcloud.com/InterferenceRadio Youtube: youtube.com/c/InterferenceRadio