Threads x LIN KAM ART: Costa Del Carnival - Mad Professor, Ragga Twins + Many More


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Threads x LIN KAM ART: Costa Del Carnival - Mad Professor, Ragga Twins + Many More

The Cause
Sat, 28 Aug
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    King Tubby's Soundsystem Mad Professor Eastman The Nasty Bros Ragga Twins Disya Jeneration Soundsystem Elheist Gaz's Rockin' Blues Soundsystem DJ Funky Flirt Yush Al Wootton Amaliah Reece Spooner Mark-Ashley Dupé Edward George The 140 Project Dubplate Pearl 140 MC abstrktd Jefe Vandorta Kite Hill Formant Soundsystem OK Morris Linett Kamala Tempz E.Q.Profile DJ Carmen London DJ Raker DJ Steeley DJ Richy Jazz Owenjames Offbeat Steppa Accidental Meetings Ash-Tres Luis Martin Gonzalez k means Subten sadidas Cueist Krxze Jake Walker Jasper Golding Michael Speechley
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  • Carnival and soundsystem lovers unite! COSTA DEL CARNIVAL Lin Kam Art and Threads come together for the first time to throw ‘Costa Del Carnival’: a multi-space, one-day festival at The Cause in Tottenham - to celebrate and discuss the past, present and future of soundsystem culture. Returning from over a year of no dancing to bring back a sense of unity, history and optimism. Expect soundsystem stacks, incredible DJs and live performers from across generations, engaging Q&As, live visuals, art exhibitions, endless food and the best vibes… all rooted in a celebration of the reggae music history that is the foundation for the legendary story of soundsystem culture in London and beyond! Musically, we look forward to admiring some true musical greats alongside some of the most cutting edge up-and-coming selectors around - connecting the dots from Ska, Reggae, Dancehall and Dub, through to Hardcore, Jungle, UK Bass, Grime, Garage and back again. Of course, paying respect to the Carnival ethos and spirit! ‘Costa Del Carnival’ will also give space to discussing the socio-political aspects of sound system influences in the UK, led by our team of writers and researchers including Edward George of the Black Audio Film Collective, to investigate sonic and socio-cultural connections across London and the UK. Look out for a forthcoming series of mini docs/videos about some of the artists, collectives and thinkers involved in the event, to get some first hand accounts of their work, influences and direct connections to the evolution of UK soundsystem culture. Also… our 2nd wave line-up announcement is not too far away… more still to come! Animation: Lawrie Miller - -- FUNDRAISING Giving back is paramount for us with this event. Thus, the event will act as a partial fundraiser for ‘Success School’ in Hanover, Jamaica. Sadly, the children have been out of school for 18 months and counting due to COVID-19, having a huge effect on their learning. Therefore, funds will go towards helping support their access to technology resources and classroom aids. -- THE PROMOTERS LIN KAM ART is a project that enriches lives through festival culture; via inclusive residencies, events and programmes using, mainly the Festival Arts, as a vehicle for wellbeing and education. It was founded by Linett Kamala who runs one of the longest serving soundsystems and street art interventions at Notting Hill Carnival: Disya Jeneration. - Threads is a broadcast platform connecting local communities across the world and empowering people to express themselves through music, discussion and art. The station actively engages with the communities of all kinds, providing a credible broadcast platform for people to have airspace for their unique narratives. - -- COVID POLICY ⚡ IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL ATTENDEES⚡ *Please read all the steps below* We have spent time evaluating the safest way to open in order to protect our staff, our operation and those that choose to dance with us. Providing evidence of a negative lateral flow test is now a 100% mandatory condition of entry, with the procedures outlined in our process only. We appreciate these extra steps are maybe more effort but we are doing this with the best intentions. We feel they are necessary to aid validation, protecting the freedom and peace of mind inside our venue that we all desire. We hope you can understand and make the effort for the safety of everyone. Please note, we will keep it under constant review. ⚡ INSTRUCTIONS ⚡ 1. Order lateral tests from the website to your home or collect from a local pharmacy. 2. Take the test up to 24 hours before the event and wait at least 30 minutes for the result. We recommend after you wake up, before eating or drinking. 3. Using your phone, take a photo of the test result alongside a passport or driving license with your photo clearly in view. (see example below). 4. Report the results of your test to the NHS online via the site in order to receive an official NHS email/SMS. We will match the time this is received with the time your photo was taken. 5. If you have a positive test – forward the NHS email plus the photo with ID attached and your RA reference number to: [email protected] 6. If you have a negative test you will be permitted entry, but you MUST be able to provide BOTH of the following to enter: (A) The photo showing your test next to clear ID (passport or driving license). *The photo must be saved in the camera roll containing the time it was taken. (b) The email or text confirmation from NHS. This is a 100% mandatory condition of entry that ALL customers, staff and performers are required to follow. If you have any questions regarding our policy - please email [email protected]


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