Tech Couture Returns // MCMLXXXV, Sybil, High Future

  • Time to pick up right where we left off. If you are a Tech Couture veteran you know what we're about. If not - time to find out. As always: move to impress, dress to sweat. COVID-19 POLICY BELOW: We couldn’t be more excited to be dancing altogether again on Friday <3 The world has changed a little bit since we were last together, so we please ask you to do the following before the rave COVID SAFETEY REGULATIONS In accordance with our venue, please follow their policies for entry: - Please arrive with a negative PCR or Lateral Flow test within 48 HOURS of the event. - If you feel unwell, or have been ‘pinged’ please do not attend. - We urge you to continue to wear masks when moving through crowded areas or ordering a the bar. RAVING SAFELY After some tragic events over the previous weekend, we urge you to be extra careful and look after yourself and others around you. It is so exciting to be raving again but we have had a long time off - go easy and go slow, its a marathon not a sprint! If you start feeling at all unwell, please speak 
to any staff members, they are there to keep 
you safe. If you see someone who looks like they are having a tough time, please reach out. And most of all, have fun and respect each other!
  • Tech Couture Returns // MCMLXXXV, Sybil, High Future - Flyer front
    Tech Couture Returns // MCMLXXXV, Sybil, High Future - Flyer back